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Footbike Social Rides are family events which are open to anyone who is searching for an unusual adventure. Discover a new kind of healthy movement which is gentle to your body. Find out the difference between an ordinary scooter and a footbike.
With school holidays around the corner, we’re inviting kids and parents to enjoy a special fun Footbike ride! You’ll be riding with our fun and friendly team, which means you and your family will be looked after at every turn (literally!) All abilities and level of fitness are welcomed. 
The ride begins at City Beach. From there, we journey along the beautiful WA coastline, through to Scarborough Beach. We then head back from Scarborough to City Beach to finish the ride. All riding is completed across paved surfaces. The distance is 10 km. 
Duration: Approximately 2 hours with a 30-minute break at Scarborough’s playground for kids and for coffee for adults. 
The bigger your group is, the cheaper it is per person. Capacity is 6 kids, 6 adults.
Admission (payment on the spot cash or EFTPOS):

a group of 2 (1child+1adult) $90  ($22.50 pp, ph)
a group of 3 people (at least 1 child) $110 ($18.30 pp, ph)
a group of 4 people (at least 1 child) $120 ($15 pp, ph)
a group of 5+ (at least 1 child) $25 per person ($12.50 pp, ph)

Booking fee $10 per person (not refundable).

Admission includes: Footbike hire, Footbikes Riding Tutorial, warm-up, Guide , Small gift for kids. Helmets available for rent for free.

We hire top quality footbikes KOSTKA made in the Czech republic. We offer footbikes for kids 6+, a footbike with child seat (up to 15kg) available too.

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