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Kostka Twenty Max G6 Dog, Satin Ferrari, option 1

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Universal Sports Footbike 20-20


KOSTKA Twenty Max Dog, option 1 content:

  • KOSTKA Tour Max Dog G6
  • Dog packet (flexible adapter for attaching a dog lead and a bungee line for 1 dog)
  • Spacing ring



The flexible adapter that prevents the leash from entangling with the front wheel is installed under the stem. You only need one screw to be attached and you and your dog can be on your way! The bungee line ensures a smooth pull from the dog.



The KOSTKA TWENTY MAX (G6) footbike for adults equipped with 20/20 wheels excels in its universality. It rides best on both longer and shorter trips and, thanks to its dexterity, also on rides in the city. The 20” inflatable wheels also work well on lighter terrain.

The KOSTKA TWENTY MAX (G6) footbike is a model designed for riding through city traffic, but it still preserves its sporty nature. Therefore, it will always meet all your criteria for your trips in the neighbourhood.

It’s not as small as it appears

..and you will be pleasantly surprised with its driveability during longer trips whether on asphalt road, gravel or unpaved roads. The footbike allows you to be much quicker than other “in-line footbikers”. This footbike is very popular among women – but it doesn’t mean that men can’t ride it too! It also suits children and teenagers above 150cm. The dexterity and universality are the main qualities of the KOSTKA TWENTY MAX (G6) footbike – that’s why this model is so desired among the customers! You can easily attach a baby seat to this footbike. The Czech-made KOSTKA TWENTY MAX (G6) footbike is a perfect model for the whole family. The footbike’s weight capacity is 150 kg.

The new Kostka FBH 680-50 Al Wings handlebars (designed especially for footbiking) will provide you with the best comfort. The bar ends are adapted to the wrist and it’s natural grasp so your arms won’t be strained. The grips’ hardened foam reduces vibrations while riding. The screws keep the grips secure.

The Kostka SK 2822 S stem, made by CNC milling from high tenacity aluminium alloy, is equipped with a unique mechanism allowing quick installation of all the accessories, such as bags, dog lead holder, etc.

The construction has been optimized and is very light. It is also dust-proof and waterproof. The height of the handlebars can be easily adjusted by changing the spacing rings or by using the handlebars with higher or lower offset – so it can be adapted to your needs.

The design of the KOSTKA hubs themselves has been developed regarding their high functionality and easy maintenance. The innovative mechanism of the low-friction industrial bearings enables the exact play delimitation – so no complicated hub adjustment is necessary. Simple hub tail removal allows easy maintenance. We used a high tenacity aluminium alloy for making this hub type. The stainless direct wire spokes made by Sapim provide a great stiffness.

You will enjoy the KOSTKA TWENTY MAX (G6) footbike thanks to the precise controllability and stability, even at high speed. The 6th-generation frame with greater stiffness is based on this proven construction; it provides perfect driveability and an extraordinary riding experience you’ll never forget.

The “drop-shaped” mainframe profile is very aerodynamic and is an integral part of the footbikes’ typical appearance. The special profile is newly reinforced with welding. The main elements of the new-generation frame are the enhanced rider space or the optimized stiffness and the elegant shape of the construction.

Please note: the stand is not included but highly recommended.

If you would like the TOUR MAX DOG footbike in OTHER available colour (yellow, black) please contact us individually. 

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