Kostka Tour Fun G6

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Footbike with big wheels for beginners

In case you are just a footbiking beginner and thus aren’t sure if you are going to like this activity (but we believe you will!), the footbike KOSTKA TOUR FUN is a perfect choice. It’s a perfect adult footbike at an affordable price with many functions. We guarantee that you will get exactly what you need as a footbiking beginner.

We spared no expense in making the footbike’s configuration the best we could. The footbike TOUR FUN has a high-quality frame that is optimized for a nice and comfy ride. Peace, Happiness, Footbiking – That’s the point! And the single-chamber rims, covered with the tires Kenda, are the same case – you will experience a nice ride. But in case you happen to be riding a bit too fast, you can stop immediately using our V-brakes Promax.

This footbike has 26″/20” wheels and the lower part of the deck is equipped with a stiffener and special welding which make the frame tougher and protect its most strained spots from damage (e.g. against the terrain unevenness).

When you go for a longer ride, you will appreciate that the wheel hub has a quick-release system of the axle attachment. Thus, you can easily dismount the wheels and put your vehicle into the car.

As promised, the footbike will meet your expectations. The adult footbike KOSTKA TOUR FUN is an excellent vehicle for an affordable price. Just push off and let’s go for a new footbiking adventure in the world around us. You surely will fall in love with this hobby.

The stand for the footbike is not included.

Height 960 mm
Length 1720 mm
Weight 9.8 kg
Loading capacity of frame 100 kg
Front wheel size 26″
Rear wheel size 20″
Clearance Height of Footboard 50 mm
Footboard Length 420 mm
Wheelbase 1150 mm
Handlebar width 620 mm
Hubs KOSTKA SK 2822 S
Tires Mitas Walrus
Rims RMX 21
Stem KOSTKA SK 2822 S
Handlebars Steel
Front fork Rigid 26″ – 100mm
Bearings (Hubs) Conical 100 mm
Headset A-Head
Handlebar Grips Rubber
Tubes Auto
Caps Plastic reflex
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