KlickFix Freepack Sport

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The Sporty click-on backpack is ideal for all bikes without a carrier. With several zippers and net-compartments, rear light holders, rain cover and an extra compartment for the helmet, this bag is a must-have. Fits into KlickFix Extender or handlebar adapter.

The adapter plate on the backpack allows a slanting position that gives the biker more space on the saddle. The plate does not cause any discomfort when the bag is on your back.

Ideal for quick release on seat post with KlickFix Extender. A bigger clamp is available for oversized seat posts.


Package does not include KlickFix handlebar adapter!

Heigh 400 mm
Widght 300 mm
Lenght 200 mm
Weight 1200 g
Loading capacity of the frame 5 kg
Capacity 24 l
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