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The SMART short harness is unique for the padding which covers the metal rings and prevents the metal from coming into the contact with the hair. This prevents unwanted abrasions and skin irritation, especially in dogs with more sensitive skin and shorter hair without undercoat.

Another advantage is the fastening with two plastic buckles on the back, thanks to which the harness is easier to put on. The availability to precisely adjust the length of the straps prevents problems with rewinding the harness.

The SMART harness is suitable not only for leisure activities such as dog trekking and dog walking but for certain breeds is also highly recommended as an excellent choice for recreational canicross, bikejoring, footbiking or skijoring.

Thanks to the wide range of sizes it fits most of dogs with different body structures of medium and larger breeds. For breeds such as the Labrador, Retriever, Rottweiler, Beagle or Swiss Mountain Dog, the harness is the most suitable variant in our offer thanks to the padding.

It is less suitable for sports-active sled dogs.

Reflective elements sewn on the sides and on the upper cross of the harness allow good visibility of the dog at night but do not dazzle.

Suitable for sports: dog trekking, dog training, recreational canicross, bikejoring, footbiking and skijoring.


  • outer strap: 100% polypropylene
  • inner padding: woven and knitted fabrics covered with nylon fibre material
  • quality stainless steel rings resistant to corrosion and cracking
  • plastic clip

All materials are tested for abrasion, do not damage the dog’s fur and skin and the absorbency is minimal. The harness is weather resistant. Thanks to capillarity it does not freeze in winter and it ensures a partial sweat evaporation in summer.

The harness can be washed at a maximum temperature of 40 °C. The material is quick drying, do not use the dryer (using the dryer can cause malfunctioning of materials used).


How to correctly measure a dog
S Collar size 41 – 44 cm
M Collar size 45 – 48 cm
L Collar size 49 – 52 cm
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