Kostka Rebel Max Fold

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The main asset of the KOSTKA REBEL MAX FOLD street footbike is its extraordinary dexterity. The footbike’s weight allows you to carry it without any strain. In its folded state, it doesn’t measure more than 82 × 64 × 20 cm, you can use included shoulder strap and protection cover bag. All this makes it easy to carry in public transport or to be stored in a small apartment.

The under-side of the deck is equipped with special welding and a stiffener. These features reduce the impact of collisions and thus protects the frame itself from fatigue. Making an all-round tough design. The Kostka HK 6524 RS hubs (with industrial bearings), small footbike wheels (16″/12″) with the Dragon rims covered with high-quality Schwalbe Big Apple tyres provide speed and comfort but if you encounter unexpected an unexpected obstacle, you can always rely on the Shimano 4000 V-brakes to slow down or stop.

The KOSTKA REBEL MAX FOLD footbike is not only very functional and convenient but its also a piece of art which is worth the appreciation.

Height 950 mm
Length 1215 mm
Weight 6.6 kg
Loading capacity of frame 120 kg
Front wheel size 16″
Rear wheel size 12″
Clearance hight of footboard 60 mm
Footboard lenght 390 mm
Wheelbase 865 mm
Handlebar width 570 mm
Brakes Shimano 4000
Hubs KOSTKA HK 6524 RS
Tires Schwalbe Big Apple
Rims Remerx RMX 2021
Stem KOSTKA FL 2822 S
Handlebars KOSTKA FBH 570-290 Al
Front fork Rigid 16″ – 65mm
Bearings (Hubs) NT Japan (Industrial)
Headset A-Head 1″
Handlebar Grips Hardened foam
Spokes Stainless steel
Tubes Auto
Caps Plastic reflex
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