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Pet basket with hood – for Handlebar Adapter

Our exclusive transportation device for small pets up to 5kg on handlebars ( take maximum load of the chosen adapter into account). The special raincover leaves plenty of air and light access. If you like, you can close all the sides completely (the cover is stored in a side pocket). Equipped inside with cushion, adjustable leash and a buckle at the bottom of the bag. Big front compartment for valuables. Zipper and net-compartments at both sides. Comes with handle and reflector. The cover is completely detachable for easy opening and cleaning. All materials are washable. Without the cover, you can use the Doggy carrier as a regular shopping bag if you go without your dog.

This product is sold without an adapter. Choose the adapter version that best fits your needs.

Even when carrying a heavy load, the adapter does not lean downward thanks to the patented security cable.

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