Canicross Bungee Leash for 1 Dog


Bungee-style leashes are expertly engineered to cushion against abrupt jerks, especially during your dog’s initial pulling or directional shifts, ensuring a seamless, secure, and pleasant journey for both canine and runner.

The bungee line can even be used on your regular dog walks for a smoother walking experience.


The leash measures 1.4 meters in its retracted state, extending to 2 meters (the standard specification for canicross racing), and is 2.5 centimeters wide. It boasts a sturdy bronze snap ring for easy attachment to your dog’s harness or collar.


Fashioned from durable, weatherproof polypropylene, expertly woven into a tubular webbing for optimal strength and flexibility, this leash is designed to resist moisture, abrasion, and frost. Cleaning is a breeze, with a recommended maximum wash temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.

This leash has been developed through rigorous field testing by experienced canicross professionals, ensuring they deliver peak performance and maximum safety for canicross runners and their furry friends alike.

The ManMat specialist Canicross range includes a variety of professional-grade belts and harnesses styled to match your Canicross belt, so you and your dog will be turning heads even before the racing starts! 

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