Bungee leash with Antenna attachment – kit

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This dog pulling sports lead and attachment kit combines a ManMat professional grade bungee leash with an antenna attachment, designed to keep your dog’s tow line from becoming entangled with your foot/kick bike, scooter or bicycle’s front wheels at all times – a must for proper joring or mushing pursuits.

The flexible antenna fits on any standard bike or footbike with a headtube diameter of 28.6 mm, simply replacing one of the existing rings on your bike’s headtube – see product images for examples. The antenna is 50cm in length.

Simply attach the antenna to your bike, and the leash to a suitable mushing dog harness, and you and your dog are all set to explore the great outdoors together.

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The included ManMat bungee leash is crafted from robust and weather-resistant polypropylene, intricately woven into a tubular webbing for an ideal blend of strength and flexibility. This design also renders the leash moisture, abrasion and frost resistant. Plus, it’s easily washable – with a recommended maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.

Every ManMat product undergoes rigorous testing in the hands of seasoned dog sports professionals. This ensures not only optimal performance but also outstanding durability, thanks to the use of the highest quality materials available.

The lead and antenna meet all standard requirements for attachment, length, and suspension in most professional joring, mushing, or footbike competitions.

The leash and attachment are also sold separately – but do yourself a favour and pocket 13% savings by purchasing together.

Lenght 500 mm
Weight 250 g
Head Tube 1″1/8 (diameter 28.6mm)
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