One man adventure: Munda Biddi Trail 2021


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Munda Biddi Trail adventure 2021

The Munda Biddi Trail, meaning ‘path through the forest’ in the local Noongar Aboriginal language, is a world-class off-road cycling experience. The Trail traverses Western Australia’s Darling Range and Southern Forests through Eucalypt bushland, granite outcrops and unique wetlands. The Trail winds through relatively gentle terrain from Mundaring in the Perth Hills, to Albany on the South Coast. The surface on the northern half of the Trail is the distinctive red pea-gravel, whilst the southern forests have a combination of loamy soils and fine, white sand.

Participants can camp in purpose-built shelters on the Trail or stay in quaint country towns. 

Munda Biddi interesting facts: 

  • Length: over 1000 km
  • Completed: 2013
  • Trail difficulty: Grade 4
  • Number of in purpose-built shelters: 12
  • Record completed the end-to-end trail on a bike: 2 days, 17 hours, and 22 minutes on the bike in October 2020
  • Record completed the end-to-end trail on a FOOTBIKE: ???
George’s past adventures

To overcome Munda Biddi trail with no support on footbike is George’s biggest challenge so far. However, it is not his first encounter with the Trail. The first time he tasted the magic of the Munda Biddi Trail was in Christmas 2012 when he came to Australia for the very first time. George bought a bike on Gumtree for $160 and went for it. At that time, the trail led only from Perth to Manjimup. The other encounter happened two years later, Christmas time again. Together with his wife, they humbled the end-to-end trail from Mundaring to Albany in 10 days. But it was much more a tourist trip connected with WA discovery and admiring the beauty of the local nature.

So, what other experiences does he have from which to draw? In the past, George made few 24hour MTB races and 1000 Miles Adventure which is a nonstop, non-support event across Czech and the Slovak Republics opened for bikers, footbikers, runners, walkers, and all crazy people who move using their own power. 

George can now capitalize his previous extended experience he gained on a bike, but will it be enough for making the whole Munda Biddi trail on FOOTBIKE with no support? And just in 10 days? Footbiking is a vastly different kind of sport compared to ordinary biking. Unlike when riding the bike, you are using the whole body when you ride a footbike, not just your legs. You also have to use the arms to kick the footbike properly and perform all kinds of push-ups on your handlebars. Altogether, your fitness level must be much higher than doing the same challenge on the bike. 


To ride over 1000km just in 10 days means to make at least 100km a day. The average speed you can achieve is only about 10-15 km/h, depending on the landscape. So he will be riding the footbike every day for more than 10 hours! Most of the Trail is off-road and once you meet a deep hill or sandy ground you just walk and push your footbike ahead. Walking your footbike is a natural part of footbiking.  

George started to prepare for the Munda Biddi Trail challenge a few months ago. He found that despite riding a footbike very often and 100km+ day trips are no problem for him at all, he didn’t feel very fit. About 6 months ago he joined Fitness Renegades gym in Osborne Park and he began to work hard to improve his fitness and strength in the gym as well. Coaches from the gym also prepared a new diet for him. 

The Munda Biddi Trail Adventure 2021 is a step in preparing for a much more challenging adventure; the aforementioned challenge, 1000 Miles Adventure in Central Europe. George would like to do the race this year as it is a 10th anniversary of the race and the attendants will overcome the distance of 2021 miles! However, he will see if he can make it to Europe due to the worldwide COVID situation. Maybe, George will have to postpone his attendance to the next year. We will see. Now, let’s go forth to the Munda Biddi end-to-end trail 2021! 


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