The standard delivery is within 7 days. However, we want to make our customers happy and satisfied, so we can order models and colours which we do not currently have in stock.


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TOUR - the most popular adult footbike for all the trips

This 26”- 20” wheeled footbike is perfect for relaxing or energetic rides around the neighbourhood. With quality components throughout you are ensured of a great ride and fantastic reliability. 


TWENTY - middle-size model with 20” wheels

This footbike can help you reach your destination quicker, no matter the distance and terrain. Despite its smaller 20” wheels, you will experience a relaxing and enjoyable ride. This model is perfect choice to use with a child seat.


TRIP - for longer trips and journeys

This footbike is the best choice if you plan to set off on a big journey. It comes standard with a 28” front wheel and 24” rear wheel. It’s a tourist footbike and perfect for long adventures.


HILL - perfect model for whole family, shorter trips and  fun

Available for children too: HILL MAX KID with lowered handlebars (for kids about 110 cm). You can switch the handlebars for a higher one and you get the adult footbike with weight capacity up to 150 kg. 


REBEL - perfect last-mile-transport in the  cities

The light footbike which can be folded down into a compact size in a very short time. You will love the improved qualities of this footbike, especially when riding it in the city. 


RUBIK - city footbike ideal for short commutes

The KOSTKA RUBIK 4 footbike can be folded down into a compact size in a very short time. This is the perfect companion for city-dwellers or on the bus and train during peak hour. 


MONSTER - perfect for downhill racing, dog walking, and experiments on the toughest trails. 

The KOSTKA MONSTER MAX model is an adult footbike that will handle even the harshest conditions and the fat tyres ensure the most comfortable of rides. This monster will eat up roots, dirt, puddles and rocks and leave them in its wake.  

RAPTOR - Terrain footbike on 4" fat tyres ... Designed for extreme conditions

Footbike on huge 4" fat tires. This model is more controllable apart from its bigger brother MONSTER. Raptor is destined for downhill, mushing and pure adrenaline on any type of surface. It is also suitable for lower figures or mushers juniors. 

MUSHING - for footbiking with the dog

The footbike for dog lovers interested in mushing and extreme downhill racing. Man’s best friend deserves the enjoyment of footbikes too. With the special attachments included just hook your dog up and ride with comfort, speed and precision.


RUN - balance bike for the youngest kids

This high-quality balance bike is perfect for kids wanting to start riding, with inflatable 12” tyres and a brake the KOSTKA RUN is reliable, lightweight and enjoyable for all youngsters!