Footbiking in the city


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Maybe you are tired of public transportation or you want something more than just walking. Maybe you work in an office and the only possible way to be active throughout the day is on your way to and from work. A Foldable Footbike might be your solution. Why?

Footbikes are a novel mode of transport. You can ride, exercise, and have fun, instead of just walking and checking your phone. If your work is far from home, you can take your footbike to the bus or train. That is where the foldable magic comes in.

You can fold the footbike easily in two steps within a second. The FOLD system allows the handlebars to fold and the SPIN system ensures that the frame can be rotated around its axis. As a result, you will get a compact package that you can carry while traveling by public transport or car. Our unique folding systems will help you with this!

Of course, there are models of various colours for everyone. If you are interested in an e-Footbike, there is also a foldable option. Check out the e-Tour Max Fold and enjoy the advances of two different driving modes: FUN and PEDELEC, you can choose between them through the mobile app. Just connect your phone via Bluetooth with the Footbike and then you can choose various parameters such as Kick intensityAssistance duration or Kers (energy recovery) so you actually generate energy and recharge while you ride downhill.

A Footbike does not need any complicated maintenance. It is easy to clean and it has no greasy mechanical parts in comparison to bicycles. You can safely take it to the lift and to the office without getting anything dirty. Simply fold and store your Footbike next to your desk. You can even take a ride in the corridor before your break ends. But be aware of your non-footbiking colleagues, they might not share your enthusiasm – yet, but once they take a ride, they will understand the passion too.

Oh – and maybe your office is dog-friendly, and you are also a proud dog owner. Honestly, we would probably not recommend mushing in the open space but if you are curious and would like to stretch your legs with your hairy friend, check out our attachable set for dog leashes too! It is a great combination.

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