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Stand out from the crowd with the KOSTKA TWENTY STAR footbike. But looks are not its only desirable feature. This footbike can ensure you a quick and dependable ride whether it be in the city or in the hills.

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You will fall for  the colourful design of the KOSTKA TWENTY STAR footbike which combines matte finish and bright colours. All the listed components - such as the mudguards and the bottle cage - are included in the price. If you are looking for a footbike with a unique design, you are looking at the right one for you. 

This footbike is not just about an eye-catching design, it is equipped with Shimano XT V-brakes, Kostka HK 6524 FH hubs with hybrid semi-ceramic bearings and double wall rims. The 20” wheels are built with quality Sapim spokes and premium-quality Schwalbe tires finish the package.

This footbike has a great ride thanks to its frame design which allows reliable control and good stability - even at high speed.  Both the frame and the front fork has been designed narrower than usual, which prevents your leg from making contact with the footbike, thus making you feel more comfortable while riding. In order to increase the resistance against uneven terrain, the under-side of the deck is strengthened with a stiffener and special welding. 

The footbike KOSTKA TWENTY STAR is sure to be at home on either asphalt or uneven surfaces. - it’s a beautiful package  and you will fall in love with its design and reliable ride. So don’t hesitate anymore and push off into the new sensations riding this footbike. 


Height 940 mm
Length 1565 mm
Weight 8,6 kg
Loading capacity of frame 150 kg
Front wheel size 20"
Rear wheel size 20"
Clearance Height of Footboard 50 mm
Footboard Length 420 mm
Footboard Height 76 mm
Wheelbase 1080 mm
Handlebar width 615 mm


Brakes Shimano XT
Hubs KOSTKA HK 6524 FH
Tires Schwalbe Marathon Supreme
Rims Double wall - BETTER
Stem KOSTKA SK 2822 S
Handlebars KOSTKA FBH 615-160 St
Front fork Rigid 20" - 65mm
Bearings (Hubs) Hybric-ceramic
Headset KOSTKA HSK 2834
Handlebar Grips Leather
Spokes Stainless steel
Tubes Auto
Caps Aluminum reflex


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