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Balance Bike KOSTKA RUN

This high-quality balance bike is perfect for kids wanting to start riding, with inflatable 12” tyres and a brake the KOSTKA RUN is reliable, lightweight and enjoyable for all youngsters!

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Kostka RUN is designed for the little ones to improve their balance.

This lightweight balance bike is designed for kids, equipped only with high-quality components. Even for the youngest kids from a minimum height of 85 cm tall or 18 months old. Children easily learn to balance while riding without the support of training wheels.

It comes standard equipped with a rear brake .


Height 520 - 590 mm
Width 420 mm
Length 890 mm
Weight 4,6 kg
Loading capacity of frame 50 kg
Front wheel size 12"
Rear wheel size 12"
Balance bike kostka runbalance-bike-kostka-run (1)balance-bike-kostka-run (2)balance-bike-kostka-run (3)balance-bike-kostka-run (4)balance-bike-kostka-run