Footbikes as a Part of Your Identity


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Be sporty and classy at the same time!

Nowadays, it is all about your personal choices. What is your style, what clothes you wear and what makes you feel free and comfortable: that is what defines us all on the outside. We all want to give the world around us a clear display of who we are.
Whether you are athletic or you are doing sports just to relax from time to time, you still want to be yourself and feel good while you are doing it. And that is where we come in: Footbikes are supporting your inner freedom in all these aspects. There is absolutely no need for special sports clothing if you are getting on your footbike for a casual Sunday social ride!

Footbikes for all kinds of style

Don’t compromise your style! Contrary to general belief – for women, it is still possible to wear dresses or loose clothes while you ride! Men, you do not have to worry about tearing your pants, having to wear cycle-clips, or creasing your suit! It is much easier to get off a Footbike than off a bicycle. And the best part is, you do not have to be afraid that you’ll get dirty from the bicycle pedals, chains, and other greasy parts. The Footbikes are known for their low maintenance and dirtiness. The only parts that move are the wheels.

Footbikes have excellent manoeuvrability and are less bulky than bicycles. Footbikes are lightweight. There is a range of foldable models which you can easily take into lifts or even public transport. If you are working in the city you can ride your bike to the train station, fold it and use the train without any problems and without violating any regulations.

Here is an idea: If you are wearing a suit for an important business meeting, why not clear your mind on the way to work and take a ride on a Footbike, without the need to change. Be sporty and classy at the same time!

If you want to go for a ride with your dog, do your regular exercise or ride to work in the morning, there is no reason why you shouldn’t let the world know who you really are! Live an active life using a clever and environmentally friendly form of transport which fits your own style and needs!

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