What are your opening hours?

We are a small business available by appointment. Do not hesitate to give us a call, email or contact us on Facebook. We will do our best to meet you in our showroom at the time that suits you best. 

Do you ship Australia wide?

Yes, we do. 

What are the shipping fees?

Fees depend on the delivery address and the type of products delivered. 



$80 – delivery to business addresses. If you do not own a business we can ship your footbike to a post office, TNT depot, nearby cafe or pet shop. Unfortunately, if you run your business at your house in a residential area, the address is considered private, and we are charged for residential delivery. If the fees exceed $80, we will charge you an outstanding amount extra (based on our Terms & Conditions).  

$160 – Residential addresses

Accessories with a footbike

If the accessories come with the footbike order we do not charge an additional fee, we just put it in the box with a footbike and send everything together. 

Accessories only

$15 – Standard delivery by Australia Post

$20 – Express delivery by Australia Post

There are accessories such as baskets or baby seats that are larger than the standard pre-paid Australia Post satchels. In those cases, our e-shop does not cater for outsized accessories and we will contact you and charge the extra shipping fee quoted by the freight company (based on our Term & Conditions)

If the delivery is made to a remote area and the actual shipping cost exceeds the standard fee charged by Footbikes WA, we will ask you to pay the outstanding amount (based on our T&C). 

Do the footbikes come with a stand and a bell?

Each footbike comes with a bell.

Sands are not icnluded, with the exception of the MUSHING PRO model. However, we highly recommend adding the stand to your order. It is a very handy accessory. The stand doesn’t bother you during your ride and you do not have to look for a tree or wall to prop your footbike against when not in use.  

Do the mushing models come with a dog gear?

Yes, they do. The antenna and bungee line for 1 dog are included in all mushing models.

I am considering purchasing a footbike but I would like to have a try before I place an order. Where can I do this?

Please visit our hire page to find out where you can hire and view our footbikes. We keep it up to date. 

What if I want to be a reseller of your products?

We are open to expanding our dealer’s network. Contact us at info@footbikes.coma.au 

What are the payment options?

At the moment you can use the following options:

  1. Direct transfer
  2. Credit card
  3. PayPal
  5. Cash or card if picked up in our showroom 
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