The difference between Footbikes and scooters

Footbikes are a great way of staying fit and having fun while doing it.

The difference between footbikes and scooters

Footbike had their origins in Scandinavia where skiers needed a summer alternative to maintaining their fitness for the grueling sports of cross-country skiing and since then the general public has found that they’re a fun form of transport and a great way of keeping fit.
You might be thinking of trying out Kostka’s footbikes but are having doubts and asking yourself if it’s worth the try. Footbikes are an advanced type of scooter for relaxation, tourism, and sport and are definitely worth it.

Why use a footbike?

Footbikes are a great way of staying fit and having fun while doing it. Riding a footbike works your core, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, and arms. You can train with your dog, allowing them to run at a high speed while you kick along on a footbike, as certain KOSTKA footbikes are equipped with a leash and flexible adaptor. If you are a runner, you can get the endurance benefits without the associated impact injuries by training on a footbike.

Footbike vs Scooter/Kick Scooter

Footbikes aren’t just an evolution from the kid's scooter. It’s designed and built like a bike, such as spoked wheels, pneumatic tyres and front, and rear brakes. Kids scooters are small, have small, hard wheels, and have only a silly rear brake. They are designed for children, you’ll struggle with riding long distances and are limited to smooth surfaces. Footbikes are a much safer and more comfortable form of travel.

Footbikes have no limitations

Footbikes can travel anywhere. Whether it be the city or a gravel road, it can handle any environment. Thanks to its large pneumatic tyres, grass, stones, and sand won’t stop its wheels turning, it’s the perfect size for speed, comfort and riding pleasure. This is far superior to the small wheels you get on scooters.
Footbikes have the same DNA as scooters but that’s where the similarities end. Footbikes use high-quality componentry often borrowed from the bike industry and are much higher quality and longer-lasting products which will bring you fitness and enjoyment for many years. These bigger pneumatic wheels and spoked wheels will soak up impact and give a safer, more predictable ride much more than any scooter. You can compare the safety and reliability of a footbike with a high-quality road bike whereas a scooter is more closely related to a skateboard in both ride and safety.