Footbikes as part of a fit and healthy lifestyle

Once you’ll take a ride, you will notice your whole body is active and feeling alive.

The joy we all are looking for

Time to time, we all run into things with a new passion, fun, and excitement about them, not knowing
what they will bring us, just with the knowledge of pure euphoria. And then we get sober from these
feelings. We are skipping courses, quitting diets and selling out our sports equipment. Suddenly
something is going on and we let things down because they didn’t bring us that joy we were expecting.
That joy we all are looking for. And that joy, which will be beneficial not just for the childish, fun-seeking
parts of our souls, but also for our body.

Our fast, greedy and consuming society is slowly forgetting about active and joyful ways how to relax.
Nowadays is almost impossible to find this kind of fun, simple, yet so much beneficial and healthy joy,
as footbiking is. It is time to give away some of those bad habits. Let’s look at how fit and healthy
your lifestyle can be with one of our racing footbikes.

Grab your footbike and get strength

Once you’re riding, you’ll notice your whole body is active and feeling alive. You’ll be training various muscles and parts of your body. And your dog can come along too! Take a closer look at the health benefits of you and your dog's new favorite outdoor activity!

Riding a Footbike helps to strengthen tendons, joints, and ligaments. Strengthening the chest and back muscles will also support the spine. Riding strengthens the abdominal area, especially the rectus abdominis muscle, the external oblique abdominal muscle, and all leg muscles. It also shapes arms and shoulders, because when you have learned the correct technique you will feel your biceps, triceps and deltoid muscle strengthening.

Besides the great strengthening effects, footbiking is a great and exciting way to lose some weight! Just imagine riding among beautiful landscapes, feeling the fresh air, having fun and all the while getting into shape!