Electric Footbikes by Kostka

We are more than glad to introduce you to our unique smart electric footbikes produced in the Czech Republic.

Electric Footbikes by Kostka

In recent years we can see growing popularity of micromobility all around the world. All kinds of e-scooters are popping up in the cities offering a fun and fast way how to avoid public transportation, but not really keeping the idea of healthy and joyful ride you are supposed to get from footbike. Once you try a simply accelerating e-scooter, you will discover the joy it brings, but there is nothing left from your own movement independence and satisfaction from exercising. So we decided to combine both.

We are more than glad to introduce you to our unique smart electric footbikes produced in the Czech Republic. Move from place to place with ease you haven't felt before. A sensor-based system in the scooter's hub records the movement of a person and responds to all your stimuli, whether you want to speed up or slow down, the footbike adapts to your desires. Experience synergy, and enjoy the fast and easy movement.



2 modes, many opportunities

We didn't just make another accelerating senseless scooter, what's unique about our electric footbikes is the variety of options you can easily change in our mobile app!

In the mode PEDELEC the footbike will add an optional additional strength to every one of your kicks. If your speed goes down to 6 km/h, the engine will automatically hold that speed for you. The maximum speed for this mode is 25 km/h.

Mode FUN will hold the last speed you’ve achieved for the time you set in. And of course, this mode includes the additional help to your kicks as well as PEDELEC mode. The maximum speed for FUN mod is 20 km/h.

Mobile app controlling

You can easily connect the footbike to your smartphone with Bluetooth. With our app, you can optimize various options like Kick intensity, Assistance Duration and Kers (recharging the device while riding). Of course, you don’t need your smartphone for the ride!

Wireless all-in-one solution

Yes, there are no wires. Everything that makes our footbikes an electric footbikes is hidden in a small compact electronic device in the back wheel with the nominal power of 250 W.


Safe and easy to handle

With the big front wheel, you can be sure you'll manage to easily get through any uneven terrain. Premium German-quality Schwalbe tyres are responsible for the comfort you recieve, even on the harsh surface. Shimano brakes are offering perfect braking power and all of these features make our footbikes reliable, safe and easy to handle!

Fast recharge and range

You can recharge a part of the used energy while braking, or while riding downhill. With standard 2 A recharger, your electric footbike will be fully recharged in 2 hours and the battery’s lifetime is more than 1000 recharging cycles!

In the mod PEDELEC mode you can reach the distance of over 50 km. With the FUN mod, it can be over 20 km. Of course, it depends on the route profile and the weight of the rider.


Load capacity and weight

The load capacity of our electric footbikes is up to 150 kg. The resistance of our products is tested in special simulations of extreme riding conditions and we are carefully watching the fatigue behavior of the material.

The weight of our footbikes depends on which model do you prefer. It's mostly 10+ kg and that's a weight that's easy to manipulate with and fun to ride!