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Reflexology socks SPORT KICK FRANCE

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The main advantage of the neon coulored socks is their maximum visibility which you’ll love during sports activities, not only when it’s dark outside. They are the fashion hit of this season. They are produced from combed cotton and are enriched by antibacterial additives based on biogenic silver ions (PROLEN-SILTEX) assuring maximum moisture transport from the body. These socks are an ideal addition for all sports activities.

Suitable for sports, leisure time and also everyday wearing.

Neon colour is safer, therefore you will be more visible when e.g riding a bicycle.

Quick moisture management.

Fashion hit.

Inert to bacteria and fungi.

Unisex design for men as well as for women.

94% polyamide
3% elastane
3% cotton


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reflexology-socks-sport-kick-francereflexology-socks-sport-kick-france (1)reflexology-socks-sport-kick-france (2)