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KOSTKA Footbike fender

Product Code: 28964
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Book a test ride? Hire KOSTKA footbike!

The KOSTKA Footbike fender is designed specialy for the footbikes. Its construction is moderately different from the usual fenders.

You can simply attach the fender to the frame. The fender has two holes, which can fit into the bottle holder mounting holes. Even if you have the KOSTKA Fender attached, you can still mount the bottle holder, the Fender is designed for the bottle holder to be mounted straight on to the fender.

CAUTION! This fender is not suitable for all the footbike models.

kostka-footbike-fenderkostka-footbike-fender (1)kostka-footbike-fender (2)kostka-footbike-fender (3)