KOSTKA Fender Shock

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If you are looking for a rear fender that can handle any terrain, this is the one for you!

We are happy to introduce you to the new concept of the Fender SHOCK, designed for extreme conditions.

This fender is a necessity. The base of the Kostka Fender SHOCK 1265 is a highly resistant and flexible polymer, which is not only resistant to micro-vibrations but also guarantees easy cleaning.

Stability is guaranteed by the steel brace. The fixing is then released with stainless steel rivets and screws, accompanied by absorbent rubber washers.

Rear mudguard for scooters with 65 mm pitch and 12 "wheel size.

Currently sold for following models:  REBEL MAX FOLD (G5), REBEL MAX KID (G5)

Before the purchase be sure that you have the right model of a frame. The frame must look the same as it is pictured bellow.