flexible-adapter-for-attaching-dog-lead (1)flexible-adapter-for-attaching-dog-lead (2)

Flexible adapter for attaching dog

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Book a test ride? Hire KOSTKA footbike!

Ride together with your four-legged friend when you fit your footbike with a special leash to harness your dog with!

A special addition for your dog footbike. Flexible adapter below the handlebars allows you to maintain the correct direction and safely run your dog.


Length 500 mm
Weight 250 g
Head Tube 1" 1/8 (diameter 28,6 mm)


Bungee line for 1 dog :: H - Blue&Black Bungee line for 1 dog :: H - Blue&Black
flexible-adapter-for-attaching-dog-leadflexible-adapter-for-attaching-dog-lead (1)flexible-adapter-for-attaching-dog-lead (2)