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Carrying bag KOSTKA FFB Footbike fender box

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Book a test ride? Hire KOSTKA footbike!

Another extension of your bag arsenal can be done with carrying bag KOSTKA Footbike fender box.

Practical traveling bag with zipper on both sides, in which you can fit some accessories, spare parts, water bottle and even your sleeping bag or some shopping list items. You can mount the bag only on our new KOSTKA Footbike Fender, wihtout this fender you will not be able to use this bag a mount it on the footbike will be impossible. Mount the bag on the fender by hooking the bag over the top of the fender with the holes in the bag. Then secure it with the split spin in the bottom part of the bag. Also you can easily dismount the bag anytime you want. In addition, the bag is equipped with a net for the finest things you take on a scooter, the net is placed on the front of the bag.

Approximate volume: 4 liters


Height 33 cm
Width 13 cm
Depth 10 cm
Capacity 4,2 l


KOSTKA Footbike fender KOSTKA Footbike fender
carrying-bag-kostka-ffb-footbike-fender-boxcarrying-bag-kostka-ffb-footbike-fender-box (1)carrying-bag-kostka-ffb-footbike-fender-box (2)carrying-bag-kostka-ffb-footbike-fender-box (3)carrying-bag-kostka-ffb-footbike-fender-box (4)